A Sweet & Simple Proposal

With Valentine's Day approaching a lot of couples will be opening a whole new chapter to their relationship. Here is what one of my favorite couples had to say about their road to the altar.

He Said: If I'm honest I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it, I just knew I needed to (propose.) It also never crossed my mind to propose on Valentine's Day mainly because it was November and I didn't want to wait. Plus, when you're in love, Valentine's Day is just another day to celebrate what you already cherish.
I was on a business trip in Austria and one night after talking to Sarah I just knew. I caught the earliest flight home, having her there to pick me up from the airport. As soon as I saw her , she ran up to me and after we hugged I whispered, "will you marry me?" I am pretty sure she was shocked because she just stared at me at first and then burst into happy tears and fervently shook her head yes.
My advice to other people looking to propose would be to go with your gut and to do something that feels authentic to you as a couple and not overly-manufactured. I did not have a ring when I proposed but I knew that would not matter to Sarah. I would suggest that any person think about whether it is important to their partner to have a ring for the proposal before making plans. I can't say that there are any "wish I had" other than Sarah was hugging me so hard before I asked her that I could not get down on a knee before I asked. Again, none of which mattered to either of us.
She Said: My advice is to know your partner well enough to know what he or she will be comfortable/uncomfortable with. For example, if your girlfriend or boyfriend does not like public displays, proposing at a restaurant, on a jumbo tron at a game, or arranging a flash mob might be a poor idea. Also, I think it is really important to know about anything that may be important to the person being proposed to. Things like asking parent(s) for a blessing/permission, knowing if your partner wants to be secretly photographed, or even something as small as if it is important that they have manicured nails can all be very special considerations. I have always been a sucker for intimate proposals that were, as Elliot stated, authentic to us as a couple. I could not imagine a more romantic, authentic, and touching proposal. Plus, who doesn't want that dreamy airport proposal? ;) My only other piece of advice is to make sure that you slow down and cherish the moment privately before going public with it. Elliot and I savored the first hour of our new relationship status by knowing that we had this big, wonderful surprise that only the two of us knew.

Thank you Elliot and Sarah!